Sunday, July 27, 2014

July 2014 Presentation: Mysteries of Machine Maintenance

Here are the slides from the July Presentation from Modern Domestic. They may take a moment to load.

July 2014 Meeting Announcements

Here are the full slides of July's meeting announcements. They may take a moment to load.

Medallion Along: July/Round 6

Robert Kaufman Sponsored guild quilt made with Carolyn Friedlander Botanics fabrics

Instead of a Block of the Month this year, we are doing a Medallion Along! Join us each month as we introduce a new round. We will introduce new rounds through September and hope that gives people time to finish their quilts by December's meeting, where we will have a mini exhibition of them. The completed quilts should finish around 60 inches square.

The July round consists of 48 Square in a Square blocks. We have provided 2 different ways to make these blocks. (a third paper pieced one coming soon)
Before beginning, your medallion should measure 44.5 inches square.

Step 1:  Use one of the following options to make (48) 4.5 inch Square in a Square blocks.  When done, move on to Step 2 below.

Option A: Use a corner block stitch and flip method.

Cut (48) 4.5 inch squares of your center fabric. Cut (192) 2.5 inch squares. Draw a line from corner to corner on the back of each of the 2.5 inch squares* (as you would for half square triangles). Pin the smaller squares to the corners of your center blocks and stitch along the line. Trim 1/4 inch seam allowance and press. * Kelly has a tip on her blog if you would like to skip the drawing a line step! Find it here!

Pros: This is a good option for fussy cutting, and if you utilize your corner square scraps you can have another project in the works! Good for chain stitching. If you stitch another line 1/2 inch away from your first one when making the corners, you can make tiny half square triangles as you go!
Cons: May be a bit wasteful of fabric if you don't utilize the scraps.

Option B: Cut Half Square Triangles and stitch onto the four sides of the center block.

Cut (48) 3 3/8 inch center squares. Cut (96) 2 7/8 inch squares for the side. Cut them in half along the diagonal, giving you 192 Triangles. To stitch, center a triangle on one side of a center block and stitch with a scant 1/4 inch seam. Stitch the opposite side's seam and press. Then stitch on the remaining two sides and press. A 4.5 inch square ruler to help square up at the end is very helpful.

Pros: Uses less fabric than other method, is fast to chain stitch

Cons: Not good for fussy cutting the center square since it will be on an angle in the finished square. Also, working with bias edges and 1/8 inch measurements. A scant seam is very important here.

Option C: Paper Pieced Blocks - we don't have a pattern for this yet. Check back to see when it's available. 

Pros: Super precise and beautiful seams!
Cons: Uses paper and printer ink, have to spend time removing paper

Step 2: Stitch 2 strips of fabric 9 blocks wide. Stitch 2 strips of fabric 11 blocks wide. Attach the 9 block strips to the top and bottom of your medallion. Press seams. Attach the 11 block strips to the left and right of your medallion. Press seams.

Your Medallion should now measure 52.5 inches 

Kelly's Beautiful Medallion!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Baby/Preemie Quilts Needed for Providence NICU *Now with Linky!*

Providence is looking for quilts for their new NICU! Quilts should be:
  • 36 inches square
  • 100% quilting cottons (no minkie, flannel, etc)
  • Washed
  • No dark colors please
Bring quilts to our August 2nd Sew Day at Fabric Depot, contact the guild at our email address, or see link below for mailing/drop off info.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July Meeting Reminder

"Untitled" by Maren Johnson, at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Please join us for our July guild meeting! Our friends from Modern Domestic are going to explain the mysteries of sewing machine maintenance. (You know your machine could use some love!) 

We'll also be presenting our charity quilts to Camp Erin ... it will be great to see the final result of all our hard work from the last three months! 

July PMQG Meeting

7:00 p.m.


The meeting will be in the community center, which is behind the main church building. There are two parking lots.

What’s in store:

   Mysteries of Machine Maintenance, Revealed! A presentation from Modern Domestic
   Charity Quilt handoff to Camp Erin
   Giveaway of Angela Walters' new book (read Mary Ann's review!) and more 
•  Show and tell
   Post-meeting socializing at the Radio Room

Don’t forget to bring:

   Blocks for the Monaluna Challenge (they're not due until the August meeting, but why not be early?)
    Any last-minute quilts to donate to Camp Erin
   Your Medallion Along quilt-in-progress
   A cup, if you want ice water
   Your quilts for show and tell, of course!


Guests and non-members are welcome at the guild meeting. Guests are free for the first visit; $5 for each visit after that.

Modern Domestic Discount

In conjunction with the theme of this meeting, Modern Domestic will offer PMQG members a discount on machine service ... details to come! 

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting! 

"Parts Department" by Jeannette Pilak at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

Monday, July 14, 2014

Book Review: Free-Motion Quilting Workbook

I recently had the chance to take a look at Angela Walter's newest book, Free-Motion Quilting Workbook. This book is part quilting tutorial, part sketchbook to practice what you're reading. 


I love checking out free motion books because I'm not much of a free motion quilter, but I would like to be. What every book will tell you is draw, draw, draw, and then practice, practice, practice! Angela's workbook reinforces the "draw" commandment with pictures of her sketches next to pictures of the quilted version of those sketched designs. It's really fun to see the drawings come alive in thread!

Each chapter of the book gives insight on how to quilt something specific--borders, negative space, and blocks all make an appearance, and at the end of each chapter there are a few pages of graph paper to practice on. The book closes with several pages of pictures of Angela's beautiful quilting and then the back of the book includes more blank graph paper pages. 

Over all, Free-Motion Quilting Workbook seems like a solid book to help improve your free motion skills with hands on practice and useful tips. Oh, and the book is spiral bound, which makes it much easier to maneuver when you're drawing in it, I love that detail!

PMQG would like to thank Stash Books/C&T Publishing for donating Free-Motion Quilting Workbook as well as two other Angela Walters titles: In the Studio with Angela Walters and Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters.  All 3 books will be given away in our door prize raffle at July's PMQG meeting! Good luck!